Marble Agregate

Marble the rosé of Brignoles

Provençale has its head office-plant in the capital of the centre-Var, Brignoles (Brinholo, in Provençal). The company holds the exclusive rights to one type of marble: the rosé of Brignoles.
Architectural genius reached its peak with the rosé of Brignoles. It is indeed a top-quality material used as a fitting covering in both Manors and contemporary buildings.

When concrete is surface treated, the aggregates appear, and depending on their origins, they reveal a variety of colours including the well-known Brignoles pink. By combining this pink with other aggregates of different colours, a whole range of shades can be obtained and altered by adding dyes to the cement.

We must add that the component must not be selected solely for its colour, but also and above all for its hardness (in addition to its intrinsic quality, of course). Furthermore, it must also be suited to the surface treatment applied to the concrete.

Two thousand years of history.

The Rosé of Brignoles is a well-known natural marble that has developed in the limestone of Provence for millions of years. Roman master-builders noticed the outstanding qualities of the Rosé of Brignoles and used it extensively in their buildings, some of which have survived still adorned with pink marble.

Pink sand unique in France.

Whether for detached houses, large estates or select complexes, sandblast them with the “Rosé of Brignoles” and you won’t be disappointed with the result. A Rosé of Brignoles coating never fades, so you can be sure it will be the same for generations to come.

The only truly pink gravel!

This high-class shimmering pink gravel with darker pink streaks is a dazzling match for your future construction projects. And if the rain should fall, the purity of Brignoles gravel will shine through. Even the passing of thousands of years will not get the better of it.

Pink marble from Brignoles has even been exported as far as Japan…

This is the whole purpose of the Candelon plant (BRIGNOLES / CANDELON).

Yet, Provençale does not restrict itself to solely working this exceptional marble, far from it.
As you will have understood, PROVENCALE can offer a wide range of natural marble aggregates in various shades and particle sizes. Extracted in the Gard or the Pyrénées Orientales, its blue, red, yellow, green, black, ivory and white aggregates are employed for a variety of applications.

The following marble aggregates are particularly worthy of mention: Crystal white, Snow white, Pyrenees white, Pont du Gard ivory, Rosé of Brignoles, Pyrenees red, Pyrenees blue, Montpins Grey, Nareda Grey, Valliguières yellow, Green, etc.

Provençale marble aggregates

In addition to the micronized Mikhart and Criscal coming from its Marble deposits, Provençale extracts and offers a whole range of aggregate shades and particle sizes.

Pyrenees white Griotte Red Blue
Pont du Gard white Rosé of Brignoles Cristal white
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The building industry – slabs and decks, urban furniture, panels, prefabricated buildings.
Building and open spaces – decorative floors, building façades, renovation of old buildings, head seals, drives, swimming pool surrounds.

Particle sizes: 0-3 mm, 3-6 mm, 6-10 mm, 11-16 mm, 16-20 mm
Other colours are available on request if the order is sufficiently large (full truckload).

The colours can vary (natural product): don’t hesitate to inform us about a work site so that we reserve a single production batch.