We produce 24 hours / day to allow you to operate on a just-in-time basis and optimise your stock.

If you are looking for a specific surface treatment quality, a precise granulometric distribution, or if you require technical advice on implementation or a special type of delivery, you can contact our laboratory and our sales department which will find the answer to your problem.

About deliveries

All of our products can be delivered:

  • in bulk;
  • in 25 kg and/or 40 – 50 kg repulpable paper bags;
  • in big bags;
  • some products are deliverable in liquid form…


The bags and big bags can be delivered on pallets:

  • Exchangeable Europallets;
  • Disposable, single-trip pallets;
  • Our specialists can advise you on deliveries and the installation of bulk silos.


We will send you the safety sheets of our products on request;

Handling tips:
To encourage recycling, our paper bags are free of any plastic, insert, free film or coating.

We can deliver in bags repulpable for the paper industry, to reduce the amount of dust and encourage recycling of the paper. Also out of concern to reduce packaging, we can deliver with non-covered pallets. Year after year, we work together with our suppliers to reduce the thicknesses and improve the recycling of our packaging.

These packed products must be stored in a dry place at normal ambient temperature.

Lifespan of our products: unlimited, in the above-mentioned conditions.
We nonetheless recommend you count on a maximum of two years, except for mixed enriching agents and lime (maximum two to three months).

For big bags, be careful to avoid slits and crushing. In the event of a problem, any leakages through small holes can be stopped with some adhesive tape. Big bags made of polypropylene fibre are not watertight and must therefore be stored and handled under shelter. Beware of the risks caused by big bags falling. We are on hand to provide advice about safety measures.

In bulk: we can advise you on investing in silos, particularly in the design of silos, and the equipment needed to connect silos to your mixing facilities.