Louis II Stadium - Monte Carlo – Rosé de Brignoles



Louis II Stadium – Monte Carlo“Rosé de Brignoles”

Calcium Carbonate is an essential raw material for many applications.
Our technical department has developed many qualities allowing finished products with high-standard characteristics to be achieved for paints as well as for plastics, paper-making, etc.
Our range of products is based on different rocks and through physical methods, their natural qualities are improved and they feature different particle sizes and curve shapes.
These products can improve opacity or whiteness, act on the viscosity of finished products and offer low abrasiveness and an average specific weight. They provide a buffering effect through their alkalinity and can, as in the manufacturing of plastics, improve productivity.
Our technical department has also selected other, similarly reliable products, such as barites, talc, and cellulose fibre which are used in the same applications.
Below is a first selection of products used in the most common applications.
Our sales and technical department is at your disposal if you need more precise selections or to assess your needs.
Feel free to contact us.


Valliguières yellow Pyrenees white Pont du Gard ivory
Valliguières yellow Pyrenees white Pont du Gard ivory