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WEBINAR CALATEM – December 1, 2020

CALATEM product offering for rigid PVC Profile Formulations: Towards performance optimization and formulation cost reduction




In this free webinar you will:

  • Discover our new CALATEM product offering especially dedicated to rigid PVC profile formulations.
  • Learn how to improve your profile performances thanks to ultra-fine CALATEM 06 NGT.
  • Learn how to reduce your cost formulation while maintaining optimized profile performances.


Presenter: Sébastien CHEVALIER – Head of PROVENCALE R&D laboratory

Date: December 1, 2020 at 3 pm (Central European Winter Time)

Link :

We are looking forward to your participation!

Happy new year 2020 !

The team Provençale wishes you all a happy new year 2020.

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New Products lines

As part of its agreements with the High Performance Fillers division of the German group Quarzwerke , Provençale SA , 2nd European producer of calcium carbonate to the industry, offers three new product lines.


Aspenger’s Muscovite mica extracted from Austrians deposits and characterized by:

– A layered structure

– A high aspect ratio

– Particle size distribution mastered

– High whiteness

– High purity

– Low oil absorption

– Very low levels of heavy metals

This allows to improve the properties of the finished product , particularly in terms of :

– Reduced shrinkage and cracking

– Improved membership

– Improved resistance to abrasion, thermal shock , weather , aggressive chemical and UV radiation and infrared

– Reduction of the permeability of the film .

All these features allow use in all types of water-based paints , but also in anticorrosion paints as well as for industrial or road paints .


In the field of plastic , mica influences :


– Strength and flexural modulus

– Withdrawal

– Chemical resistance

– Permeability

– Dielectric capacity

For plastics applications , the products are available with a surface treatment and are particularly suitable for use in thermoplastic polymers (PA, PBT , PP , PE , PS , for example) but also in the thermoset elastomers and rubbers .

In addition to the classic very white , the « T » series has the advantage, due to its low crystalline silica foams , not to be subject to labeling STOT RE2 – H373 .

This allows easy handling during production operations and the compliance of the finished product with new environmental regulations .



It is a natural mineral filler bicomponent muscovite mica and quartz extracted Austria.

This unique composition enables this filler, usable mainly in the field of coatings , to provide the same characteristics as those of the improved mica quartz ( hardness , abrasion resistance and acid )


Kaolin calcined AD kaolin.

The calcined kaolin is widely used in the paper industry as well as for paints and plastics. It is currently used as an extender for titanium .

This new grade CALK 89/1.3 , made in Central Europe, is characterized by low humidity , a high brightness and a very small particle size .

In addition to the painting area where they have a high opacity , ability flame retardant allows him opportunities in the field of plastics.


Provencale’s teams are at your disposal to provide any additional information. Do not hesitate to contact us.