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Talkron® CLASSIC

Talkron® CLASSIC is a natural mix of talc and chlorite, with a lamellar structure.
Its natural properties, together with the different particle sizes available, allow the user to regulate and adjust the gloss levels required. It also enables easier dispersion.
The product is indicated for systems where a low level of whiteness is required.
Its laminarity guarantees a hydrophobic and barrier effect which is perfect for industrial, anticorrosion and decorative paints; it also provides dry hiding properties.

Talkron® NATUR

Talkron® NATUR is a talc of high purity, with a good degree of whiteness and lamellar structure.
Its platy particles guarantee a barrier effect in interior and exterior coatings, as well as hiding power, gloss reduction and chemical stability. Thanks to its fineness and specific area it provides reinforcement for the different polymers, ensuring resistance and flexibility.
Standard multifunctional filler, available in several particle sizes for multiple applications: decorative and industrial paints, plastics, etc.

Talkron® ZERO

Talkron® ZERO is a Talc of high purity and lamellar structure, with a good grade of whiteness.
The double classified manufacturing process results in a de-dusted talc with low oil absorption and low surface area, making it ideal for use in high solids coatings and resulting in lower formulation costs.
Anti-corrosive result due to its laminarity and purity, which provides hydrophobic properties and outdoor resistance due to its barrier effect. Its different particle sizes allow gloss regulation and adjustment.

Talkron® PURE

Talkron® PURE is a talc of high purity and excellent whiteness. It is produced by a new delaminating process, which ensures it is much more lamellar than other conventional talcs.
This confers a barrier and hydrophobic effect in indoor and outdoor coatings, and it provides the polymers with excellent resistance and flexibility. Thanks to its fineness and whiteness it is an excellent extender. Confers superior dry hiding properties and is also a suitable partial replacement for TiO2, enabling a reduction in formulation costs.

Talkron ® STYL

Talkron® STYL is a Talc with a small part of double calcium carbonate and magnesium.
This natural mix, with an excellent degree of whiteness and mostly lamellar structure, is especially indicated in water-based systems. Using the correct manufacturing process for each product, we obtain the ideal particle size, whilst maintaining the lamellar structure and the absorption level for each application. Its different particle sizes allow gloss regulation and adjustment.