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Kaolin : fine filler with reinforcing properties

Kaolin is a natural occurring raw material, which is rEfined to an industrial raw material by extent processing. Kaolin is separated of its accessory mineral by water separator technique. The classification in different grain size distributions takes place through drum washers, cyclone classifier and centrifuges. Subsequent dewatering by sedimentation, filtration and drying takes place. Bleachery and magnetic separator improve several kaolin products.


  • Hexagonal, flexible, thin lamina
  • Hight aspect ratio (1:40)
  • Density of 2.6 g/m3
  • Low thermal expansion : 5*10-6K-1 (at T20-300°C)
  • High fineness

Key applications

  • Paper
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber
  • Dispersion paints
  • Dispersion adhesives (i.e. polyvinyl acetate)


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